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The Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose (CSSSJ) welcomes you to our website.

The CSSSJ is a diverse group of people with a mutual interest in and fascination for cacti and other succulent plants.

Did you know that succulent plants are among the most bizarre and beautiful in the entire plant kingdom? If you share our interest in these fascinating and unique plants or just want to learn more, we invite you to join us at our meetings and have some fun.

June Meeting

Time and Location:
June 5th 12:30 pm @ Emma Prusch Memorial Park in the Meeting Hallmap

Program: Ellen Stubblefield - Windowboxes

Mini Show:
Cactus:         Advanced • Novice  
Succulents:         Advanced • Novice  
Something Special:         Advanced • Novice  
Will this look good in a windowbox? Anything hanging*, tall, full, or colorful, e.g., senecio, sedum, crassula, aeonium, rat tail cactus, etc. (or your choice)

* Make sure you bring something to support your hanging plant.
Beginner's Luck:         Novice Only  
Variety is the spice of life variegated cacti or succulents

picture albums
Picture Albums

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