TheMarch, 2003
Cactus Courier
Newsletter of the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose

Food for the March meeting will be potluck.

Spring in the Western Cape Province

Dean Kelch and Walter Teague traveled to South Africa and visited the Western Cape Province. (Dean Kelch is the Vice President of the San Francisco Cactus Society and a post-doctoral fellow associated with U.C. Berkeley.) Mr. Kelch will be presenting a slide show of Crassula, Tylecodon, Conophytum, Adromischus, Hawathia, and desert growing bulbs photographed in their natural habitat.

Margaret Grimm
by Paul Long

Margaret Grimm was taken from us on Jan 10, 2003. She, and her Husband, Bob (Robert), joined the CSSSJ in July, 1971. Margaret was on the Board of Directors for many years beginning most recently in 1985. She served the Society quietly in the background, being the distributor of the Newsletter for many years. The copies were delivered to her home, and she would collate them and address the copies, then secure them and deliver them to the Post Office. She did this month after month, and year after year, quietly doing this necessary job for us. As a Board member, it was often her job to "keep the peace" when the discussions became heated, and we thank her for that and all she did for the CSSSJ. The Grimms were made Life Members for the many contributions that she and Bob made over many years. Even though I didn't keep too close to her after she became less active in the Club, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for her, and I will miss her.

Plants of the Month for March: Southern African succulents and any genus of blooming cacti.

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