Cactus Courier
Newsletter of the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose

We will be having a potluck at the February meeting.

Valentines Day Party and Pot Luck

Steal a Gift

Everyone who wants to participate brings a gift in a plain brown bag.

This gift should be
No more than $10.00 in cost
Suitable for a man or a woman
Something to do with gardening/cactus/succulents

The gift is placed on a table. (Do not label it with your name. Part of the fun is in not knowing who brought what.)

After lunch, we will pass around a hat with numbers in it. Participants will choose a number and that will represent their turn to choose a gift.

Number 1 will choose first and open that gift. Number 2 may choose a new gift or steal the gift from number 1. If number 2 chose a new gift, that gift is opened. If number 2 steals a gift, number 1 chooses a new gift. Gifts cannot be stolen back from the person who stole it from you.

This will go on until everyone has opened or stolen a gift. A gift can only be stolen 3 times. If your gift is stolen, you open a new gift or steal from someone else. Everyone who brings a gift ends up with a gift.

If you choose not to participate you can still come and enjoy watching the exchange.

Plants of the Month for February:

Cactus:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
A plant that has red or pink spines or blooms red or pink
Succulents:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
A plant that looks like a valentine or blooms red or pink
Something Special:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Anything in bloom or your choice
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  
A plant that you fell in love with or your choice

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