Cactus Courier
Newsletter of the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose

Members with last names starting with A through F should bring a snack for the June meeting.

Grow and Show

Be sure to attend our June 7th meeting because everyone will be given a plant to take home and grow. All the plants will be the same species namely, Mammillaria spinosissima, and will each be in a 2” nursery pot.

The idea is to take the plant home and care for it, prepare it in a pot of your choice along with topdressing and bring it to our fall show and sale event for judging. Remember, there will be random periodic checking for steroids, over-fertilizing, plant make-up, spray paint, gloss, botox, wax, and glued-on flowers. All of these are no-nos. It may not be the largest plant that takes the top honors in the fall as presentation counts.

This is the basic idea. We know there will be lots of questions at the meeting as to what criteria will be used in judging the plants. Maybe we should make it a special category for “People’s Choice.” Another idea is to ‘turn the tables’ on our show vendors and have them create a committee among themselves to do the judging.

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Tips and Tools

For the June meeting, bring in one or two tools that make tending cactus and succulents easier. If your tool is too large to bring in to the meeting, bring a photo of the tool. In addition, think about some tip or advice that you can share with your fellow club members. Regardless of how long each of us has had the succulent and cactus bug, we can all learn from each other.

Plants of the Month for June:

Cactus:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Notocactus, Parodia or Uebelmannia
Succulents:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Pachypodium or Adenium
Something Special:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Astrophytum or your choice
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  
Dish garden

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