Cactus Courier
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Ernesto Sandoval - A South African Summer "Sabbatical"

In January and February of 2008, Mr. Sandoval took a working vacation in South Africa. He served as a botanist on a UC Davis Quarter Abroad course being taught by two UC Davis professors. This allowed him to participate in a variety of field trips to Biological preserves and other areas of interest. To visit South Africa had long been a dream for Mr. Sandoval. A dream that came true. And he has the pictures to prove it.

As the curator of the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, Mr. Sandoval has amassed a tremendous spectrum of experience cultivating and photographing plants.

Mr. Sandoval will be bringing rare plants from the conservatory for sale.

Cactus:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Copiapoa or a very old plant
Succulents:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Leafy succulents
Something Special:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Stapeliads: Huernia, Stapelia, Piaranthus, etc.
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  

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