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Brian Kemble - Terrestrial Bromeliads

Bromeliads started out as other plants did, rooted in the soil. They later evolved forms that found other ways of obtaining water and nutrients. We are familiar with these which include the epiphytic Bromeliads. Brian's presentation will offer insights into the ancient lines that never left the ground.

Brian Kemble has been a frequent and popular presenter at our meetings. With The Ruth Bancroft Garden since 1980, he is now the Director of Horticulture. He is an expert on Agaves, Aloes, Bromeliads, and many other horticultural topics. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at Antioch College and has worked in the horticultural field since 1976. At the Ruth Bancroft Gardens, Brian has hybridized Aloes, Agaves, and other South American cacti. His travels have taken him to many areas in Mexico and South Africa. He has been a frequent and a greatly appreciated presenter at our meetings, and we look forward to seeing his photographs and hearing his accompanying explanations.

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