Cactus Courier
Newsletter of the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose

Creating Drought Tolerant Landscapes
with Natives, Cacti & Succulents

In dry California, we always face the need for water conservation to preserve our limited resources.  The traditional landscape with a lawn represents up to 80% of our water consumption.  Join us on Sunday, September 12th, at the Cacti & Succulent Society of San Jose for an informative talk on how to create a drought tolerant landscape with cacti, succulents, and California native plants.  Our speaker is Rebecca Schoenenberger, Landscape Designer, Contractor, and Owner of California Nativescapes. She will advise us about which native plants blend well with cacti and succulents.  She will cover essential information such as making a plan, soil preparation, weed prevention, and possible rebates.

To check out some of Rebecca’s work go to:

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