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Get Your Glaze On with Kim Manfredi

At the February meeting, ceramic artist, Kim Manfredi, will be back with our fired pots to help us prepare them for their final journey through the kiln. She will demo glazing techniques, before we start on our own. Kim will be providing all the necessary materials for the activity. So just come prepared to let your creative juices flow.

If you made a pot and canít attend the meeting, be sure to contact Kathi Cambiano (408-293-4887 or by February 4. Your choices will be to have someone else glaze your pot for you, or to leave the pot in itís unglazed state.

The glazing will not be as lengthy as the pot making, so we anticipate a shorter meeting that should enable everyone to make it home in time to watch the Super Bowl!

Kim will return in March to deliver our finished pots.

Cactus:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
The "un-beauty" contest for the Hairiest Cactus
Succulents:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
The "un-beauty" contest for weird succulents
Something Special:         Open • Advanced • Novice  
Valentine theme (red/pink flowers, plants, spines, or blush) (or your choice)
Beginners' Luck:         Novice Only  

Note: The meeting location has been changed from the Meeting Hall to the Multi-Cultural Center.
    (See last article for more information.)

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