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Ted Kipping - Drakensberg Mountains

An avid plant and wildlife enthusiast and a Certified Arborist, Ted Kipping studied Natural History at Columbia University, New York and worked at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park before starting his own "Tree Shaper" business. He is constantly expanding his knowledge of rare plants and ecosystems by exploring unique locales with his camera.

The Drakensberg Mountains range up to 12,000 feet on the east edge of land-locked Lesotho and eastern South Africa. It rains there in the summer and freezes in the winter. Denver Botanic Garden is already growing over 70 locally hardy varieties of Ice Plants from the mountains of South Africa and Lesotho. Over 7,000 kinds of plants have been identified from there and more are found every year. The one most of us might know is the remarkable Aloe polyphylla. This is a beautiful, wild and remote part of the world. Come take an armchair visit and get inspired.

This will be a digital presentation approximately one and a half hours in duration.

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