February 1, 2009

Call to Order by President Linda Delgado at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 11:00 A.M.

Present:   President Linda Delgado      Board Member Emeritus Bill Kurtz
Vice President Chuck Breese      Associate Director Tony Bassano
Secretary Sandy Carter      Associate Director Kathi Cambiano
Past President Bill Munkacsy      
Absent:   Treasurer Roger Lane
Associate Director Sonia Dyer
Associate Director Alyene Daggett

LAST MONTHíS MINUTES for the Board of Directors Meeting on January 4, 2009, were approved, with the following exceptions: 1) The February PROGRAM will be a Valentineís Potluck and Steal-a-Gift exchange, 2) Under the Mini Show, there are four categories: Cactus / Succulent / Something Special / Beginnerís Luck.

TREASURER: The balance as of January 4, 2009 is $14,937.72

MEMBERSHIP: With renewals, the total membership is now 86 people.

HOSPITALITY: Vicki and Anthony Ortiz have stepped forward to assist with bringing the hospitality items to the clubís meetings. Thanks!!

The March PROGRAM will be presentation by Mark Muradian on his trip to Bolivia.

LIBRARY: Nothing new to report.

AFFILIATE: Nothing new to report.

MINI SHOW: Kathi made new large color coded signs for the mini-show; each of the four categories a different color. Right off the bat, these signs made it real clear to members which tables to place their plants on. Thanks, Kathi!

SPRING SHOW: The 2009 Show and Sale will be held on April 4&5 at Buchser School in Santa Clara. Bill M. to send out the vendor letters. Bill K. to line up judges. We may need to order more tables. We donít have anyone to organize and run the BBQ this year, so we will need to provide some fast food alternative for the Saturday and Sunday afternoon meal break. Tony has printed out the postcards, which the club will put labels and stamps on at next monthís meeting.

FALL SHOW: Oct. 3&4 at Buchser School. Bill K. to contact the school to reserve the space. We never did receive a bill for the custodial services that the school provided to us last fall. A motion was proposed and approved to award Buchser School what would have been a $320 custodial bill plus the percentage from our sale profits to equal a $520 donation to their Science department.

BY-LAWS: Linda and Sandy have volunteered to spearhead the updating of our Operating Procedures and our By-Laws. This process is open to any club member that might be interested.

  • Last yearís custodial bill for the October show and sale has been reconciled.

  • Bill K. to book the meeting room at Prusch Park for the remainder of 2009.
  • Bill K. to contact the Buchser School to reserve the space for the Oct 3&4 fall show.
  • To help save printing and mailing costs, a motion was proposed and approved to give members an option to receive the CSSSJ Cactus Courier via soft email or hard printed and sent out via United States mail. A sign up sheet was immediately circulated at the member meeting, and Linda will put the information into next monthís courier. A $5 show bucks reward was suggested for those receiving e-couriers, although it has not been determined yet just how the member will receive the reward.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 A.M.

The next meeting will be on March 1, 2009, at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:30 A.M.

Submitted by the club secretary,
Sandy Carter