November 1, 2009

Call to Order by Linda at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:45 A.M.

Present:   President Linda Delgado      Associate Director Kathi Cambiano
Associate Director Sonia Dryer      Treasurer Roger Lane
Vice President Chuck Breese      Associate Director Tony Bassano
President Emeritus Bill Kurtz      
Absent:   Past President Bill Munkacsy      Secretary Sandy Carter
Associate Director Aylene Daggett      

LAST MONTH’S MINUTES for the Board of Directors Meeting: Minutes were not available.

TREASURER: Bank Balance is given, but my copy disappeared. Estimated net from Show and Sale was $2,000.00. (Sorry)

MEMBERSHIP: Not reviewed.

HOSPITALITY: Nothing new to report.

Dec 6: Holiday Party
Jan and Feb 2009 open (Maybe Brazil trip and Valentines day event)
March 2009 Peter Tea or Keith Taylor on Bonsai staging
(We may try to get Trichodiadema plants to give to the club. Same plan as with the Mamms in 2009 with them being returned at the Fall S&S)

LIBRARY: Nothing new to report.

AFFILIATE: Linda working on this. Linda and Tony will share the post for the time being. We voted to include $50.00 toward “Journal Enhancement Fund” along with the renewal cost of $50.00.

MINI SHOW: Kathi, Bill M, Roger and Joseph will look at this process to see if we can make it even more fun. More news at the Holiday event. Kathi has asked for ideas.

SPRING SHOW: Spring show and sale has been moved from April 3rd & 4th because that is Easter weekend. It is set for April 10 & 11.
We will donate $200.00 to Buchser Middle School for the Fall S&S (10% of $2,000.) It was voted to not send an additional amount to the Science Building this year. The janitorial cost was not charged because there was an additional event at the school.

BY-LAWS: Nothing new to report.

  • Sonia is doing a great job documenting processes. She presented the process for booking the Holiday event. She will make a few small revisions and then publish it.
  • Kathi told us about some of the ideas that she is exploring with Rich to make the Web site really interesting. We will be waiting to see what they come up with. Chuck suggested the little one page handout about basic care be included. Roger thought that it would be nice to include our meeting location on the newsletter.
  • Linda brought the books that she ordered for the club’s new members: Cacti & Succulents from Mother Nature. She will turn them over to Sandy for the “Welcome” packet. We may sell extra copies for $4.00. She got 30 copies and can reorder if we want more.
  • Linda will work with Sandy to make sure that all new members get the $5.00 show bucks if they sign up for the newsletter by email. There were two new members that Roger told us about. (again, sorry that I somehow lost the hand-out. I will contact Roger to get the info to both Sandy and myself.)
  • Bill K will contact Naomi, Elton and Bill M regarding the give away plants for the Holiday event.
  • We raised $148.00 through the Country Store.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00

11/02/2009: LD