January 9, 2011

Call to Order by President Loyd Monaco at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 11:07 A.M.

Present:   President Loyd Monaco      
Vice President Alex Morgan      
Librarian/Past President Linda Delgado      
Past Secretary/membership Sandy Carter      
Secretary Joseph Hidalgo      
Board Member Emeritus Bill Kurtz      
Mini Show Kathi Cambiano      
Absent:   Treasurer Roger Lane      
  Associate Tony Bassano      

LAST MONTH’S MINUTES-to close out 2010?


MEMBERSHIP: Nothing new to report, no change.

HOSPITALITY: Thanks to the Anthony and Vicki Ortiz for helping out with this function!

The February and March is a 2 part program, Get your Glaze on by Kim Manfredi

LIBRARY: Nothing new to report, motion was made to purchase new books, Les Aloes of Madagascar a focus.


MINI SHOW: Motion was made to let Kathi purchase storage materials for signage and supplies for mini show.

SPRING SHOW: Because Easter is on April 4, 2010, we will be having our Spring show on April 10 & 11. Bill K. has reserved the space at Buchser School.

FALL SHOW: Buescher in a remodel, currently scouting locations. Kathi and Joel spearheading this.

BY-LAWS: Nothing new to report.

OLD BUSINESS: nothing to report

NEW BUSINESS: Show schedule for the year/Ideas Ernesto Sandoval, Eastern Brazil , trips to South America. March delivery of Pots to get ready for Show and Sale.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 P.M.

The next meeting will be on February 7, 2010, at the Prusch Park Multicultural Center at 10:30 A.M.

Submitted by the club secretary,
Joseph Hidalgo