May 1, 2011

Call to Order by President Loyd Monaco at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:57 A.M.

Present:   President Loyd Monaco      Associate Director Joel Parker
Vice President Alex Morgan      Mini Show Kathi Cambiano
Past President Linda Delgado      Member Peter Beiersdorfer
Secretary Joseph Hidalgo      Member Jaan Lepson
Past Secretary/membership Sandy Carter      Board Member Emeritus Bill Kurtz
Associate-Sonia Dyer      Treasurer Roger Lane
Absent:   Annual Show and Sale Director: Bill Gingras      Past President Bill Munkacsy
  Affiliate: Tony Bassano      

MINUTES for the Board of Directors For January and March, were approved.

TREASURER: Report was submitted. 21,105.37 total balance 4,259.31 net profit of Spring sale. Talks of increasing donation to Buchser to $1000. Art and science department to split donation 50/50. Alex mentioned a % of sales vs a # from roughly 10% to 20%.

MEMBERSHIP: With renewals, the total membership is now 152 people.

HOSPITALITY: Thanks to Anthony and Vicki Ortiz for helping out with this function!

The May PROGRAM –You had to have it. Future programs discussed, Madagascan aloes given by Institute for aloe Studies. Kathi suggested a speaker from Ruth Bancroft to speak about insects.

LIBRARY: New Book added, Stapeliads by John Pilbeam, Motion made to purchase Les Aloes de Madagascar. Linda Delgado Absent, Cathi suggested to purchase 2 new books by Debroah Lee Baldwin Designing succulent Gardens and Succulent containers.

AFFILIATE: No Additions.

MINI SHOW: Kathi purchased storage supplies and needs to replenish a few more supplies.

SPRING SHOW: Treasure’s review of profit/expenses.

FALL SHOW: We don’t have a location, talks of hosting it at Emma Prusch, a scaled down version.

BY-LAWS: Nothing new to report.

OLD BUSINESS: Jaan and Peter to report on Spring show.

NEW BUSINESS: $1000 or percentage of sale donation to be decided. Kathi will research if Buchser has an art dept. to donate to. We need to discuss our new book orders. Getting rid of old double tag system. We may have a requirement for new vendors that are selling at future shows to come to a mandatory vendor meeting. Fall show location? When searching we need to find out the basic parameters; Space(size), Parking/Access, and Cost. Time slot we will need to occupy space will be from 3-10pm Friday and Sat/Sun till 6pm.

June Program- Peder Samuelson-Argetina

The meeting was adjourned at 12:16 pm

The next meeting will be on June 5, 2010, at the Prusch Park Multicultural center at 10:30 A.M.

Submitted by the club secretary,
Joseph Hidalgo