June 5, 2011

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Alex Morgan at Prush Park multicultural center at 10:40 am.

Present:   President Loyd Monaco      Vice President Alex Morgan
Treasurer Roger Lane      Associate Sonia Dyer
Associate and mini show director Kathi Cambiano      Associate Joel Parker
Board Member Emeritus and Program Director Bill Kurtz      Annual sale chair Peter Beiersdorfer
Annual show chair Jaan Lepson      
Absent:   Secretary Joseph Hidalgo      Past President and Librarian Linda Delgado
  Affiliate Rep. Tony Bassano      Annual Show and Sale director Bill Gringas
  Membership Sandy Carter      Newsletter Rich Kroll
  Hospitality Vicky and Anthony Ortiz      

MINUTES: May’s minutes approval for May delayed with partial absence of secretary. Note’s for this month are recorded by VP Alex Morgan.

TREASURER: No report.

MEMBERSHIP: No report.


LIBRARY: Motion was made and passed for the club to purchase 2 new books for our library designing with succulents and container gardening by Debra Lee Baldwin.

JULY PROGRAM: Country Store.

AFFILIATE: No Additions.

MINI SHOW: There were some entrants in last month’s mini show with no ids, no points can be awarded to those individuals.

SPRING SHOW: Discussed the Buchser 60/40 split to science and art depts., motion made and passed. A question arose of how much vs. a fixed percentage to be decided.

FALL SHOW: No solid findings made for fall show. If a location was not found soon, then we would only have one show this season. Bill made a suggestion that we alternate locations for the show and sales. Joel found a location on Monterrey rd. but it wasn’t suitable.

BY-LAWS: There are no additions.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussed above, spring show donation to Buchser.

NEW BUSINESS: The club needs a new PR person or committee. Kathi has new ideas about a photo page on our site. Questions arose on voting, submission, or to use it as an ID page for all internet users. A motion was made and passed to use the photo pages as information/ ID and PR for our club, and not something to be judged.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm

Next Meeting will be on July 10, 2011 at the Prush Park Multicultural center at 10:30 am.