July 10, 2011

Meeting is called to order by Vice President Alex Morgan at Prush Park multicultural center at 10:45 A.M.

Present:   President Loyd Monaco      Vice President Alex Morgan
Treasurer Roger Lane      Secretary Joseph Hidalgo
Associate Sonia Dyer      Associate and mini show director Kathi Cambiano
Associate Joel Parker      Past President and Librarian Linda Delgado
Board Member Emeritus and Program Director Bill Kurtz      Membership Sandy Carter
Absent:   Affiliate Rep. Tony Bassano      Annual Show and Sale director Bill Gringas
  Annual sale chair Peter Beiersdorfer      Annual show chair Jaan Lepson
  Newsletter Rich Kroll      Hospitality Vicky and Anthony Ortiz

MINUTES: May and June’s Minutes are approved and accepted with notations.

TREASURER: Current balance is 27,698.73 as of 6-30-11, no incidents from spring show (no credit card disputes).

MEMBERSHIP: 158 up from 152.


LIBRARY: 2 new additions made. Les Aloes of Madagascar in the works, author is in Africa at the moment and cannot ship books.

August PROGRAM - We are having problems finding a speaker. Kathi to spearhead container garden planting demo or what we did with our plant finds at the Country Store.

AFFILIATE: No Additions.

MINI SHOW: Kathi to give survey about the entry totals for mini show increase from 3 to 5 plants. Change to be effective in August.

SPRING SHOW: Membership bought at registers for our club, what happened to them and where did the money go?

FALL SHOW: Will be held at Peterson middle School. Available for Oct 1st and 2nd and we can move in Friday. Rental agreement is $500 for 2 days and $320 custodian fees. It has a great parking lot and easy access for our seniors and disabled members and patrons. Address is 1380 Rosalia Ave in Sunnyvale. BBQ? We need to work out our insurance coverage with this location. We need to redo our postcards and add a map to the new location. New gym is larger than the Buescher’s.

BY-LAWS: Addition to Show Rules that plants entered in shows may be photographed and credits to the grower may or may not be given.

OLD BUSINESS: Donations to Buchser, 60/40 to science and Art Depts. Roger will furnish when Bill confirms.

NEW BUSINESS: A Non-commercial Photography category may be added to our show. Fall show discussed above. Mini show entries, discussed and survey taken.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Next Meeting will be on August 7th 2011 at the Prush Park Muticutural center at 10:30 am.