January 8, 2012 CSSSJ

Meeting was called to order by President Loyd Monaco at Prush Park multicultural center at 10:50 am.

Present: President/librarian Loyd Monaco
Vice President Alex Morgan
Past President Linda Delgado
Secretary Joseph Hidalgo
Associate/Mini Show director Kathi Cambiano
Associate Joel Parker
Associate Sonia Dyer
Board Member emeritus/Program Director Bill Kurtz
Membership Sandi Carter

Absent: Treasurer Roger Lane
Show and Sale chairs Jaan Lepson & Peter Beirsdorfer
Hospitality Vicky and Anthony Ortiz
Newsletter Rich Kroll
Affiliate Rep. Tony Bassano
Annual Show and Sale director Bill Gingras

Minutes: Closed out 2011/ No additions.

Treasurer: N/A absent

Membership: 109 members

Hospitality: N/A absent

Library: No additions

February Program: Due to super bowl we will have a shorter meeting with no speaker and an un-judged, no points awarded mini show.

Affiliate: N/A absent

Mini-show: Mini show plant categories will be printed in Feb. Newsletter.

Spring show: Friday March 30th is our set up date. Show and Sale will be March 31 and April 1st. The fee for renting Peterson is a $500 fee and a $330 custodial fee. A motion was made and passed for the dates discussed above, as well as a finder’s fee to be awarded. There are a few tables available. Is there BBQ facilities at school? Location Address: 1380 Rosalia Ave, Sunnyvale

Fall show: Location Peterson?

By-laws: Sonia volunteered to make an adjustment, and print out of new additions to our by-laws. New guidelines to be printed out for Dec. holiday party, regarding sales.

Old Business: A motion was made and passed for $300 check to be given to Harry’s Hofbrau, for use of their facilities.

New Business: Alex discussed new projector topic, since we will be having the projector for many years we need to have it last and be compatible with other platforms. Epsom Model MG-83 connects to Iphone, Ipod, computer, & gaming stations for $699, with a screen for $179. It was also discussed that we should purchase a warranty and insurance, topic moved to further date for Alex and Roger to find best price and best model.

Sales by member topic was discussed and limited to 2 flats by each member if it is not conflicting with speaker. A motion was made and passed for no outside member sales to happen during our country store and Holiday party.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:15pm