February 5, 2012 CSSSJ

Meeting was called to order by President Loyd Monaco at Prush Park multicultural center at 10:50 am.

Present: President/librarian Loyd Monaco
Secretary Joseph Hidalgo
Associate/Mini Show director Kathi Cambiano
Associate Joel Parker
Associate Sonia Dyer
Board Member emeritus/Program Director Bill Kurtz

Absent: Treasurer Roger Lane
Membership Sandi Carter
Vice President Alex Morgan
Show and Sale chairs Jaan Lepson & Peter Beiersdorfer
Hospitality Vicky and Anthony Ortiz
Newsletter Rich Kroll
Affiliate Rep. Tony Bassano
Annual Show and Sale director Bill Gingras

Minutes: January minutes are to be approved.

Treasurer: N/A absent

Membership: 109 members (via email) Sonia had made a new membership form, allowing us to collect more information. A motion was made and passed to purchase a plastic filing box for membership purchased at our show and sale for tracking and organization. It was mentioned by Joel that free memberships were raffled at the San Francisco club, which we would talk about at the March meeting.

Hospitality: N/A absent

Library: No additions

March Program: Mark Muridian, travel log Peru. He will also be selling pottery.

Affiliate: N/A absent

Mini-show: No updates. Mini show plant categories will be printed in March Newsletter.

Spring show: We looked at Proofs for the flyers, and we are requesting a total of 1100 mailers and flyers from Tony. Postage has increased for postcards, which we need to purchase. The space at Peterson is larger, allowing us more room for indoor demos, vendors and show.

Fall show: Location Peterson?

By-laws: Sonia had modified our by-laws by request, and a copy is to be sent to Rich for updated material.

Old Business: Projector topic moved to March meeting. Due to the absence of VP and treasure’s findings.

New Business: Motion was made and passed for Kathi to make laminated signs for meeting hall change. Future dates/changes: Holiday X-mas Party: Dec 1st, July 1st-July Meeting, Fall show and Sale date? We need to get our hanging rack back for our Show and Sale.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:12pm