May 6, 2012 CSSSJ

Meeting was called to order by President Loyd Monaco at Prush Park multicultural center at 10:50 am.

Present: President/librarian Loyd Monaco
Vice President Alex Morgan
Secretary Joseph Hidalgo
Treasurer Roger Lane
Associate/Mini Show director Kathi Cambiano
Past President Linda Delgado
Board Member emeritus/Program Director Bill Kurtz
Associate Sonia Dyer

Absent: Membership Sandi Carter
Show and Sale chairs Jaan Lepson & Peter Beiersdorfer
Hospitality Vicky and Anthony Ortiz
Newsletter Rich Kroll
Affiliate Rep. Tony Bassano
Annual Show and Sale director Bill Gingras
Associate Joel Parker

Minutes: Minutes for March are approved with notations.

Treasurer: Our current balance as of May 6, 2012 is $25, 081.93

Membership: No additions.

Hospitality: No Report.

Library: No additions

June Program: Richard Bernard: Wildflower Tours of California

Affiliate: No report.

Mini-show: No additions.

Spring show: After the expenses were calculated we earned an estimated $2800 for the club. Vendors and attendees like the new location for the show and sale this year. Talks are on the way to perhaps secure the same location for future fall and spring shows. Mysterious vendor 40 was found to be Ruhi Meta, Roger will contact her to mail her check.

Fall show: Location Peterson/Buscher? A committee is being formed to find out which location is going to have availability for our Fall Show & Sale.

By-laws: No new additions. New changes to policy were reviewed and passed by the board and were to be submitted from Sandy to Rich to update our website.

Old Business: A motion was made and passed for Roger and Alex to purchase a new projector with an online board vote.

New Business: The Monterey club will be taking a trip to Lotus land and a few nurseries in Southern California. It was proposed that San Jose tag along and pay for half of the expense. Roger agreed to be our point of contact, between our 2 clubs.

A motion was made and passed for Kathi to take over the job of making badges for new members as well as a putting together a membership packet. She will research the cost of production, as well as looking at the cost for getting show and sale banners.

A motion was made and passed to donate money to Santa Cruz Arboretum and Ruth Bancroft Gardens. A check will be written by the club for Ruth Bancroft Gardens 100th birthday in Walnut Creek, in the amount of $250, to be used for their new education center. In state cuts to our University system, The Arboretum at Santa Cruz is suffering. A donation in the amount of $500 will be given to the arboretum.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:15pm