June 3, 2012 CSSSJ

Meeting was called to order by President Loyd Monaco at Prush Park multicultural center at 10:50 am.

Present: President/librarian Loyd Monaco
Vice President Alex Morgan
Secretary Joseph Hidalgo
Treasurer Roger Lane
Associate/Mini Show director Kathi Cambiano
Past President Linda Delgado
Board Member emeritus/Program Director Bill Kurtz
Associate Sonia Dyer
Associate Joel Parker

Absent: Membership Sandy Carter
Show and Sale chairs Jaan Lepson & Peter Beiersdorfer
Hospitality Vicky and Anthony Ortiz
Newsletter Rich Kroll
Affiliate Rep. Tony Bassano
Annual Show and Sale director Bill Gingras

Minutes: Minutes for May are approved with no notations.

Treasurer: Our current balance as of June 3, 2012 is $ 24,307

Membership: 136 members

Hospitality: No Report.

Library: No additions

  • July Program: Country Store
  • August Program, Richard Wagner: Mesembs
  • September Program: Ted Kipping, The Drakensberg Mountains RSA
  • Fall Show and Sale Sept 29th and 30th
  • The Monterey Show and Sale is Sept 19th and 20th
  • Is there an October Meeting?

Affiliate: No report.

Mini-show: No additions.

Fall show: Location Peterson/Buscher? A committee is being formed to find out which location is going to have availability for our Fall Show & Sale.

By-laws: New Policies made, were moved and passed, Sonia to update Rich, so he can make changes online, to rules/By-laws.

Old Business:
  • A motion was made and passed for Roger and Alex to purchase a new projector, Hitachi 5000, $1959 est. extra $200 tax& shipping. Insurance?
  • The Monterey club will be taking a trip to Lotus land (2013) and a few nurseries in Southern California. It was proposed that San Jose tag along and pay for half of the expense. Roger agreed to be our point of contact, between our 2 clubs.
  • Kathi will research the cost of production(banners), as well as looking at the cost for getting show and sale banners(not done/update in August).
  • A motion was made and passed to donate money to Santa Cruz Arboretum and Ruth Bancroft Gardens. A check will be written by the club for Ruth Bancroft Gardens 100th birthday in Walnut Creek, in the amount of $250,( Roger wrote check for $103)to be used for their new education center. In state cuts to our University system, The Arboretum at Santa Cruz is suffering. A donation in the amount of $500 will be given to the arboretum. (UC Santa Cruz check, was sent)

New Business:
  • A motion was made and passed to allow Kathi to purchase a new laminator not to exceed $100. (Kathi is researching more options on a better laminator, so she can laminate club badges, cost will exceed $100, officers will vote on model and price in August via email)
  • End of 2 year terms as officers, voting needs to take place at Holiday meeting in December.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:06pm