May 6, 2007




Call to Order by President Linda Delgado at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:45 A.M.


Present are:     President Linda Delgado          Associate Director Alyene Daggett
Vice President Chuck Breese          Associate Director Tony Bassano
Treasurer Roger Lane          Associate Director Judy Goodrode
Secretary Sandy Carter          
Absent are:    Board Member Emeritus Bill Kurtz
Past President Bill Munkacsy


MINUTES for the Board of Directors Meeting for January 7, February 4, and March 4 were approved. Due to the Spring Show and Sale, no meeting was held for April.


TREASURER: The balance as of May 6, 2007 is $4,462.52


MEMBERSHIP: The total membership is 90.


HOSPITALITY: It was suggested to have the hospitality be provided by different members on a rotating basis. Bill Kurtz said that he was okay with handling it for the time being. This may be addressed again at some future time.


The June PROGRAM will be a hands-on presentation by Linda Delgado on how to plant gardens using novelty containers. Some containers and cuttings will be provided. Marjorie of Newstone Products, Inc. will be making available her Rock Art Planters for sale.


LIBRARY: Two new books were added to our library: Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden, by Andrew Steens, and The Botanical Gardens at the Huntington, by the Huntington Botanical Staff.


AFFILIATE: Nothing new to report.


MINI SHOW: May had 17-participants. Results were published in the June newsletter. We decided to change the format to a show-and-tell approach. Instead of having the plants judged, the presenter of the plant will get up and talk about the plant instead. This new format was well received and enjoyed by the club members.


SPRING SHOW: (April 14-15) wrap up:

BY-LAWS: Nothing new to report.




The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 P.M.


The next Board meeting will be on June 10, 2007, at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:30 A.M.


Submitted by the club secretary,
Sandy Carter