November 2, 2003

Call to Order by President Wes Briggs at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:57 A.M.

Present are:

President Wes Briggs

Member at Large Lori Habib


Past President Bill Kurtz

Member at Large Rowena Southwell


Secretary Bill Gingras

Membership Director Sandy Carter


Member at Large Bill Munkacsy


Absent are:

Vice President Joel Parker

Newsletter Editor Rich Kroll


Treasurer Judy Zugar


LAST MONTH’S MINUTES were not taken, as the secretary was not present at the October meeting.

TREASURER: No treasurer's report was presented at the November meeting.

MEMBERSHIP: The CSSSJ has 109 paid members as of 11/2/03.

HOSPITALITY: Nothing new to report. Bill Kurtz will remain the interim hospitality director as we try to find a volunteer to take over the position. The group agreed that the club needs to more aggressively find someone to take over this position.

PROGRAM: The CSSSJ's annual Holiday Banquet is to take place in December instead of the regular monthly meeting. Several banquet festivities are planned, including a plant giveaway, plant exchange, and auction. Bill M will be the auctioneer, unless someone else wants to volunteer for the position. For January, Larry Grammer from southern California will be demonstrating and discussing staging plants for a show. The February and March programs are to-be-determined. A program on getting plants ready for the show is a possibility for the February meeting. The CSSSJ annual Show and Sale is in April.

LIBRARY: Nothing new to report. We need to sort through the books in our library collection and decide which to keep and not keep. This will be done at two future meetings. For those meetings, the board will meet at 10:00, at which time we will decide which books we want to keep, which we want to sell at our show and sale, and which to offer at a special auction.

AFFILIATE: Nothing new to report.

MINI SHOW: Nothing new to report.

ANNUAL SHOW: The 2004 Show and Sale will be April 13th and 14th, 2004. Bill K has three people in mind for judges.


NEW BUSINESS: (Holiday Banquet) The board decided to purchase holiday banquet gift plants from local vendors who are members of the club. Several vendors were suggested, including Planta Seca, Wes Briggs, RSVP, Robert's, California Succulents, and Cactus Flat. We decided to purchase 15 plants, each costing about $5.00 to the club, from each vendor.

Several other banquet-related topics were discussed:

(Other) A suggestion was made that the CSSSJ merge with the Oakland club, rather than have the Oakland club simply fall apart altogether. One suggestion was that the CSSSJ invite the Oakland club's membership to our holiday banquet. Someone also suggested that since their president, Julie Rose, is a lawyer, that perhaps she could get the CSSSJ started on the legal aspects of such a maneuver. The suggestion was made that Wes call Julie to pursue the matter further.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:04 P.M.

The next Board meeting will be on January 4th, 2004, at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:30 A.M., unless decided otherwise.

Submitted by the Club Secretary, Bill Gingras