February 2, 2003

Call to Order by President Wes Briggs at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:56 A.M.

Present are:

President Wes Briggs

Member at Large Lori Habib


Treasurer Judy Zugar

Member at Large Rowena Southwell


Secretary Bill Gingras

Member at Large Bill Munkacsy


Past President Bill Kurtz

Membership Director Sandy Carter


Newsletter Editor Rich Kroll


Absent are:

Vice President Manson Waters


LAST MONTH’S MINUTES for the Board of Directors Meeting on January 5, 2003 were approved.

TREASURER: The balance as of February 2, 2003, is $6,953.00. Karla Munkacsy audited the books, and determined that nothing was missing. The board voted on and approved the purchase of Quicken to aid in keeping the club's finances in order.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership director Sandy Carter reported that the CSSSJ has 83 paid members as of 2/2/03.

HOSPITALITY: Nothing new to report. Bill Kurtz will remain the interim hospitality director as we try to find a volunteer to take over the position.

PROGRAM: Program chair Bill Kurtz is currently exploring three possibilities for future programs. We will not be having an April meeting this year, because of the annual show and sale.

LIBRARY: Club librarian, Lori Habib, is in the process of setting up a place to store the library materials. Much of the materials have been transferred to her, and the final transfer of materials is expected soon. She plans to update the master list of books (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet), and will continue bringing in sample books to display at the meetings. The club is considering auctioning some of the older non-reference books, or selling them, as at a show and sale.

AFFILIATE: The club's donations to the CSSA ($45 for membership, $25 for the research fund, and $25 for the color fund) have been paid. We will be renewing our annual membership to Guadalupe Gardens with a donation to them of $50.

MINI SHOW: Nothing new to report. The Mini-Show is being held before the Program. Paul Long will be submitting a series of articles for the Courier, to explain and promote the mini-show.

ANNUAL SHOW: (old) The show and sale will be held this year on April 5th and 6th, with set up on April 4th. We are booked with Buchser Middle School for the event. The club will be donating roughly 10 percent of its net show & sale profits to Buchser School, as a way of showing our gratitude to them for letting us use their facilities.

(new/updated) A proof of insurance has been sent to the school. Bill K has now recruited three out of the four judges needed. The show and sales committees met during the month to discuss pressing issues related to the annual show/sale, and a list of "to be done" items was generated and sent out by Bill Munkacsy. Kathy Hendig will be making the pots that we will be giving out as awards this year. Bill K duplicated the flyers and handbills, and brought them to the meeting to hand out. We discussed passing out our flyers at some upcoming house and garden shows (Pleasanton, San Jose), and providing some handbill/coupons to be given out at other local club meetings.

(action items) Bill K will be contacting the party rental company regarding table rentals. Rowena suggested having an "apprentice judge" program (we will pursue this idea). Bill K to approach the Santa Clara school district with a proposal that we be allowed to post flyers, banners, etc., on district property. A list of addresses is still needed for the postcards, and the postcards still need to be duplicated and sent out.

BY-LAWS: Nothing new to report. It is urged that all Board members start taking notes, outlining their responsibilities. Concerns range from too many vendors running the club; not enough new and younger members; the number of terms that can be served; and the By-Laws being hard rules versus a guideline approach.

OLD BUSINESS: Bill Gingras continues to develop the club’s website. It is currently up for review on his personal site (http://pages.sbcglobal.net/bgingras/). Suggestions are always welcome. Bill met with Rich Kroll to hash out some remaining details. Bill will continue working this month on finalizing the site's initial content, and getting an estimate of the costs involved in getting it hosted.

NEW BUSINESS: Nothing new to report.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 P.M.

The next Board meeting will be on March 2, 2003, at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:30 A.M.

Submitted by the Club Secretary, Bill Gingras