February 3, 2008




Call to Order by President Linda Delgado at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:50 A.M.


Present:    President Linda Delgado   Past President Bill Munkacsy
Vice President Chuck Breese Associate Director Judy Goodrode
Secretary Sandy Carter Associate Director Tony Bassano
Treasurer Roger Lane Associate Director Alyene Daggett
Absent:    Board Member Emeritus Bill Kurtz


LAST MONTH’S MINUTES for the Board of Directors Meeting on January 6, 2008 were approved.


TREASURER: The October 2007 budget report for the sale profit was modified from $2446.17 to $1026.52. The balance as of January 2008 is $10,633.31


MEMBERSHIP: The total membership is 81. Sandy will be printing the 2008 rosters for handing out by April.


HOSPITALITY: Judy has volunteered to take care of the hospitalities until this June. Thanks Judy!!


The March PROGRAM will a presentation on the cacti of Patagonia, Argentina by member Peder Samuelsen. A motion was proposed and approved to spend $250 for May’s guest program speaker, Guillermo Rivera.


LIBRARY: Member Tim Thies graciously made a donation to be used towards our club’s library fund. We are looking for suggestions of books we may want to acquire. Linda will be updating our library list.


AFFILIATE: (From last month)
  • Tony Bassano volunteered to be the liaison between our club and the 2008 Guadalupe Gardens Show this April 26. We will have three tables that we can set up any way we want. It was suggested to have a sale table, a potting table, and a display and membership table.
  • CSSA is putting out their past 70 years of journals on a CD, starting from 1929. Our club may want to acquire a copy of it for our library.


MINI SHOW: The mini-shows are back in place for 2008. Results will be published in the courier.


SPRING SHOW: April 12-13 at Buchser School in Santa Clara. Chuck and Bill M. to run the show and sale this year. We are looking for judges.

FALL SHOW: October 4-5 at Buchser School in Santa Clara.


BY-LAWS: Linda and Sandy have volunteered to spearhead the updating of our Operating Procedures and our By-Laws this calendar year.


  • Roger to send a $300 donation from our club to Buchser school’s science fund as a thank you gift for the use of their school premises during our 2007 spring and fall shows. - complete


NEW BUSINESS: Nothing to report.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 A.M.


The next meeting will be on March 2, 2008, at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:30 A.M.


Submitted by the club secretary,
Sandy Carter