June 1, 2003

Call to Order by President Wes Briggs at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:53 A.M.

Present are:

President Wes Briggs

Member at Large Bill Munkacsy


Treasurer Judy Zugar

Membership Director Sandy Carter


Secretary Bill Gingras

Newsletter Editor Rich Kroll


Member at Large Rowena Southwell


Absent are:

Past President Bill Kurtz

Member at Large Lori Habib


Vice President Manson Waters


LAST MONTH’S MINUTES for the Board of Directors Meeting on May 4, 2003 (actually, two months ago) were approved.

TREASURER: The balance as of May 31, 2003, is $9,605.43. A new check needs to be issued to last month's speaker, and the original check needs to be cancelled, because it was stolen.

MEMBERSHIP: The CSSSJ has 104 paid members as of 6/1/03.

HOSPITALITY: Bill Kurtz will remain the interim hospitality director as we try to find a volunteer to take over the position. The group agreed that the club needs to more aggressively find someone to take over this position.

PROGRAM: Nothing new to report. Program chair Bill Kurtz continues the never-ending job of procuring speakers for our meetings. The program for the July meeting is to-be-determined, however, the club typically holds a poker run, BBQ, or field trip during that month. The program for the August and September meetings are TBD. In October, Mark Muradian (sp?) will be giving a program on extreme landscaping using heavy equipment. We will have to change the October meeting date because Prusch Park will be having its "Fall Festival" on our regular meeting date. Bill K also has four or five other phone calls and emails out as he prospects for other speakers.

LIBRARY: Nothing new to report. Club librarian, Lori Habib, might have to find a temporary home for the library collection as she might be remodeling her house. The club now has two new books for the collection: "Cycads of the World," and "Crassula, a Growers Guide." The club will be purchasing two new books: "Simon & Schuster Guide to Cacti," and "Simon & Schuster Guide to Succulents."

Much of the library collection has been transferred to Lori, and the final transfer of materials is expected soon. She plans to update the master list of books (a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet), and will continue bringing in sample books to display at the meetings. The club is considering auctioning some of the older non-reference books, or selling them, as at a show and sale.

AFFILIATE: Nothing new to report.

MINI SHOW: Nothing new to report. Paul Long will be submitting a series of articles for the Courier, to explain and promote the mini-show.

ANNUAL SHOW: (new) The board voted on and approved a new vendor participation policy. If a vendor does not sign and return the Vendor Registration form, follow all rules stated in the form, and if the vendor does not join the club, their proceeds will be split 50-50 with the CSSSJ, instead of the usual 70-30. Also mentioned was that the plant-hold area was inadequate, and so the sale committee must ensure that four additional tables are ordered and available for a plant-hold area next year.

(old) All board members agreed that the Show & Sale was a success, taking in $16,755.25 after taxes. Due to a variety of factors that were different from previous years (change of date, Mercury News article, post cards, etc.), it is not possible to determine the affect any one factor had on attendance and sales.

The raffle tags, "guest list" sign-up sheet, and credit card registry are missing, so an article needs to be run in the next Courier asking if anyone has them and asking for them to be returned.

(action items for next year) Look into an "apprentice judge" program. Compile a mailing list, once all lists, tags, etc., have been located. Investigate and update (as pertinent) the "show rules" list per suggestions (alphabetical cross-reference, change "Best Liliaceae" category to "Best Monocot," add "Best Mesemb" category). Also, Bill M submitted a list of suggestions to Judy. Judy and Bill need to go over that list of suggestions.

OLD BUSINESS: The board voted on and approved the purchase of a 12-month contract for web-space with NetMegs for $100.00, when the renewal is due. The board voted on and approved giving 10% of net sales from the show and sale to Buchser Middle School for allowing us to use their facilities for our show and sale.

NEW BUSINESS: Bill Munkacsy is looking for suggestions on a locale for the East Bay C&SS to hold their show and sale.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:44 P.M.(?)

The next Board meeting will be on August 3rd, 2003, at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:30 A.M.

Submitted by the Club Secretary, Bill Gingras