Information only meeting

Date: 08/03/2008



Call to Order by Linda Delgado at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall at 10:30 A.M.


Present:    President Linda Delgado  
Vice President Chuck Breese
Associate Director Aylene Daggett
President Emeritus Bill Kurtz
Associate Director Judy Goodrode
Absent:    Treasurer Roger Lane
Secretary Sandy Carter
Associate Director Tony Bassano
Past President Bill Munkacsy


LAST MONTHíS MINUTES for the Board of Directors Meeting: Not reviewed


TREASURER: Not reviewed


MEMBERSHIP: Not reviewed


HOSPITALITY: Not reviewed. Judy is covering it. We will need to look at getting someone for next year. Judy is moving to Arizona.


PROGRAM:     September:   Kathy Hendig and pots
October:   Show and sale
      Shadowing for Chairs was discussed
      Wes wonít be there for the S & S: Ideas? Maybe KFC or UnoMas?
November:   Barbara slide show on Fat plants.
December:   Holiday Get-together Giveaway plants by club members. Last year was nicely done. The plants were really enjoyed.


LIBRARY: Not reviewed


AFFILIATE: Not reviewed


MINI SHOW: Not reviewed. (Kathi has said that she would love to become more active in this. We will work on it and start in November.)


ANNUAL SHOW: Discussion regarding next year and Show side without Judy. Chuck told us about the Energy and Involvement that he saw in San Francisco. Letís see what we can do to make it a club with everyone involved. We will ask people to bring boxes and help where they can. Remind them that it is a pot-luck. Has anyone seen the bull-horn? Chuck suggested calling people and asking them to chair an area.

BY-LAWS: Linda D, Sandy and Sonia are working on this.


  • Chuck would like to share the load on the mail outs. Currently he hand writes them all. We will mention it at the meeting. (Sonia has said that she would help) Chuck mentioned bare root plants and giving them out to the members to see what they can do with them.
  • Alyene Idea: We talked about giving each member the same type of plant and then having them bring them in and show what they did with the plant. Compare and contract: what works and what doesnít. (one for all and all for one?)
  • We talked about bringing in odd things and questions to discuss at the meetings. Chuck would be willing to help with this. (Later in the meeting Peter came to me with this same idea. I said that he would be great for it. Maybe Chuck and Peter could look at it for next year?)
  • Kathi is working on signs for the Show and Sale. (At the meeting Mark, Lyndaís brother, said that he would help. He owns a sign company.)
  • Linda D wonít be at the September meeting. Chuck will step in and run the meeting.




The meeting was adjourned at 12:00

The next Board meeting will be on Sept 7th at the Prusch Park Meeting Hall.