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Mini Show
Categories for 2015

CactusSucculentsSomething SpecialBeginner's Luck
January  Anything from South Africa or Namibia (except for Crassula)Crassulaceae from South Africa and NamibiaStapeliads: Huernia, Stapelia, Piaranthus, etc. (or your choice)Shake some winter blues: Succulents with blue, blue-gray, or blue-green leaves
February  What's your favorite cactus?What's your favorite succulent?Valentine theme (red/pink flowers, plants, spines, or blush (or your choice)Echeveria
March  Propagated from seed or graftedPropagated by seed or from cuttingsShow off your best in plant staging (or your choice)Bromeliads
April  Monstrose and crested cactusMonstrose and crested SucculentsBring in a cactus or succulent that you want to learn how to propagate (or your choice)Mammalaria
May  Pretty in Pink (or Purple) flowering CactiPretty in Pink (or Purple) flowering SucculentsPlants only a mother could love: Show your ugly ducklings (or your choice)Your favorite plant that was bestowed on you as a gift
June  ParodiaPortulaca or Portulacaria (Portulacaceae)Succulents from Chile or Columbia (or your choice)Cacti or Succulents from Brazil or Bolivia
July  Country Store
August  Cacti from Puerto RicoSucculents from Puerto RicoBest use of recycled materials (or your choice)Brown-colored cacti or succulents (plant, spines, or blush)
September  Passion: What cactus are you most obsessed with?Passion: What succulent are you most obsessed with?Pelargoniums (or your choice)Blooms in the Fall
October  Fall Show & Sale
November  Cacti from Peru or ParaguaySucculents from Peru or ParaguayHaworthia (or your choice)Bonsai and caudiform succulents and bite-size (dwarf) cacti
December  Holiday Party

NOTE: Subject to change based on the scheduling of speakers and programs.

Contact Therese McQuillan, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the Mini Show.

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